All Women

The anger I feel reading these stories is unlike anything I’ve ever felt, how do you explain that by the mere existence of your body you are an invitation for a man to act out of line? It might not be all men, but it is all women.

Aurat March, All the Reasons Why

Let us together raise our voices for the oppressed, for the overlooked, for the undermined, for the unseen. Let's raise our voices for our ancestors, for our grandmothers, for our mothers, for our sisters, for our friends, for all our fellow women but most importantly, for our daughters, for the battles we fight today are the realities they will live in tomorrow. 

I am a bird made of birds

I wish someone had truly opened up about how big the world would seem once we’re out there and not in here, in the colour-filled rooms where the only worry we had were bad grades and not being cool enough to be sat with the girls in the front.  That when we would finally step out of university, the world would flip upside down. Everything we had learnt would feel like misplaced information just floating in our heads with no resting ground and no direction. Teaching was never an option for me. It was too extroverted of a job to consider.

How Can I Help?

I’ve learnt that sometimes the sound of your breath, the rise and fall of your chest is enough to comfort someone and sometimes, everything you have to offer, even if its all of your heart, won't be enough. This is not about you, it's about them. All you can do for someone you care is hold a safe space for them, and be at peace when their idea of a safe space has to with everything but you. This is not about you, it's about them.

What If?

What if love is all that comes from within? The quiet voice that reminds you of how far you have come. What if love is a state of being? A gentle, soft peck-on-the-cheek way of living, where love is life and all that isn’t love, is not worthy of being defined.

The Newer Old Me

As the new year begins, whether you make resolutions or not, whether you think the new year is just a change of dates or more, I hope this year you choose to be who you are as a whole. I hope that you show up for yourself this year, over and over and over again. I hope that when your heart is heavy and the feeling is blue, you remind yourself of how far you have come. You’re just getting started. The world is ready for you.

All That You Have Overcome

What if told you that the very thing that breaks your heart, the very thing that moves you to tears, is your truest power. It is what makes you, you. What moves you, might not move anyone else. What breaks your heart, might not break everyone else's. Pain is not meant to be avoided. Pain is a sign from the Universe telling you where your heart rests.

Dear Men

I am usually the last person to complain about a situation at hand. I blame this on my absolute need to live a conflict-free life. Even if the price of peace is a shut eye, sealed lips and stuffed ears. Today, I write yet again not to create conflict but to shed light on an... Continue Reading →

The Other Friend

Faith was passed on to me like little pieces of paper with secret notes scribbled on that we would pass on to each other in school or hushed whispers when the teacher had her back turned on us. Faith was re-introduced to me by a friend and as a friend. It had been invited and warmly welcomed to our party of two.

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